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    We are experts in accounting management and we use techonology in current globalization context,you must focus to innovate and direct your resources into the core of your business.


    Accounting outsourcing.
    Management or supervision of accounting areas.
    Preparation of financial statements.
    Accounting restructuring.
    Implementation of internal control procedures and standards.
    Tax outsourcing.
    Payroll outsourcing.
    Electronic accounting records.


    Corporate group accounting.


    Processing of accounting information to generate Financial Statements and Accounting Books and Records.
    Comply with the accounting standards and IFRS, as well as the current legal regulations.
    Preparation of projected reports for effective and preventive decision making by the Board of Directors and Management.


    Labor cost reduction.
    Accounting management with financial approach.
    Professional support from the Firm’s executive line.
    Timely delivery of financial information for decision making.
    Reduction of training, coaching, and consultancy expenses.
    Real-time financial statements and reports.


    Financial Audit Partner

    Accountant Auditor nationwide with more than 40 years in companies in the electrical, mining, agro-industrial, textile, cement, health, education, and other sectors. Professor specialized in IFRS.

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    • Virtual “Calendario Tributario” stay clients inform about the compliance of tax obligations and data of interest for accounting and tax practice.

    Independent Member of BKR

    We are a part of the BKR International network, a global leading association of independent advice and business firms located in the top 10 of the associations’ ranking. It represents the combined force of more than 160 independent auditing and consultancy firms in more than 500 offices and 80 countries all across the globe.

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