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    We form a specialized multidisciplinary team, aimed to manage the most important capital of your organization, your collaborators. We advise and monitor Human Management processes by providing solutions and effective, flexible models and with a high level of quality for the correct application of labor standards, using software and effective models and best practices with our service strategy HUMAN MANAGEMENT PLUS.

    Payroll (Outsourcing)

    Labor (Permanent advice)

    User (Collaborator approach)

    Systems (Software for management)


    Payroll or pay slip outsourcing
    Permanent labor-legal advice
    Contentious-labor proceedings
    Knowledge management – IN HOUSE courses
    Advice on labor authority inspections
    Labor compliance
    Labor audit


    Administration and calculation of payrolls, settlement of social benefits, holidays and severance pay.
    Advice on and training in implementation of agile methodologies, leadership, and personnel administration.
    Advice on processes of audit and inspection by the labor authority.
    Design of training programs for several specialties of its organization.
    Strengthening of the human resources area in the matter of compliance.
    Permanent labor advice.


    Avoid or prevent labor contingencies and their economic and reputational impact.
    Continuous advice for the development of a strategic human resources plan.
    Improvement in the use of resources and obtaining of a reduction in personnel, training, and consultancy costs.
    Controls that avoid unforeseen expenses to have sound finances, translated into efficiency and security.
    Eliminate routine activities by performing them in a systematized way with process automation.
    Optimize learning processes of collaborators and effective teamwork generation.


    Human Management Officer

    Public Accountant with a Master of Business Administration - MBA with emphasis in General Management at the European Graduate School. Extensive experience as General Accountant in Compliance with functions conferred by the Board of Directors and in Internal Control of multinational companies, implementing Administrative-Accounting Systems; corporate and local policies, control systems and Security Management of the logistic chain; organizing accounting departments in Peru and abroad.

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    • Virtual “Calendario Tributario” stay clients inform about the compliance of tax obligations and data of interest for accounting and tax practice.

    Independent Member of BKR

    We are a part of the BKR International network, a global leading association of independent advice and business firms located in the top 10 of the associations’ ranking. It represents the combined force of more than 160 independent auditing and consultancy firms in more than 500 offices and 80 countries all across the globe.

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