International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Within this globalization context, financial progress means a significant challenge for all companies that must adequately respond to these challenges. Predicting, mitigating and controlling the effects of changes from the economic contexts in the company’s transactions is a difficult task, even more if said information must be interpreted according to international standards to reflect said reality.

Our advice services on the application of the International Financial Reporting Standards (hereinafter referred to as IFRS) allow our customers to fully comply with the requirements for the preparation and submission of financial information.

We provide the following services:

IFRS Implementation20200629023014
Implementation of IPSAS20200629024108
Consultancy specialized on IFRS20200629022250
Valuation of Assets and Liabilities20200629020327
Submission of Financial Statements20200629013806
Accounting of Business Groups20200629012122
Measurement of Economic Performance20200629011513
Management of Financial Instruments20200629011045
In-House Training20200629010823
Assistance in Financial Accounting20200629005121
Accounting Policy Manual20200629004243
Change in Accounting Policies and Error Projection20200629002703
Answering to items observed in the Internal Control Letter or in the Qualified Opinion20200629002152
Review of the allowance of Financial Statements under IFRS20200629001522
Assistance in preparing “Form 10K” and other reports prepared under other international GAAPs20200629000742
Managerial Interpretation and Advice20200629000450