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    All operations have a tax impact, identify their effects and manage them will avoid any contingencies and will serve as a financial and tax planning instrument.


    Attention to Tax Administration inspections.
    Tax planning.
    Review of monthly and annual tax obligations.
    Tax defense (claims, appeals and contentious-administrative lawsuits).
    Recovery of tax credits, credit balances and taxes paid unduly or in excess.
    Tax advice.
    Tax due diligence.
    International taxation.
    Sectorial taxation.


    Adequate compliance with tax obligations.
    Tax planning focused on the business model.
    Strategic advice on auditing procedures, claims, appeals and contentious-administrative lawsuits.


    Fair payment of taxes without being subject to risks or tax contingencies.
    Identification of tax shields as potential credits and/or income.
    Success in tax proceedings brought before the Peruvian Tax Administration (SUNAT), Tax Tribunal and Judiciary.
    Success in the recovery of credit balances, tax credits and undue payments or payments in excess.


    Tax Audit Manager

    Accountant Auditor with more than 15 years of experience in tax compliance, innovation projects and improvement of tax accounting processes, obtaining favorable results for our clients.

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    • The “Corporativo Cursor” newsletter reports on trends in tax accounting regulation. With posts about accounting, legal and tax regulations, and judicial, administrative and arbitration precedents.

    • Virtual “Calendario Tributario” stay clients inform about the compliance of tax obligations and data of interest for accounting and tax practice.

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