About us


In 1999, Víctor Monteza and Javier Laguna, professionals with solid education and well-known trayectory in the business market, founded LADERSAM, a Peruvian consultancy and auditing firm that leaves its mark on the companies it advises, helping them grow and respond the challenges of their environment.

Through suitable tools and solutions in financial, tax, accounting, legal and auditing matters, it guarantees successful management and a strategy for the future.

For more than twenty-one years, LADERSAM has served a portfolio of national and international clients that operate in various sectors such as agribusiness, energy, manufacturing, finance, commerce, automotive industry, mining, cement and services.

Its excellence was recognized in 2013, when became an independent member of BKR International, a global leading association of auditing, accounting tax and business consulting firms.


To provide highly specialized professional services that generate sustainable value and contribute to the growth of our customers, the welfare of our collaborators and the development of the country.


To be a leading consultancy and auditing firm, recognized by the highest standards of quality and innovation of its services and located between the most prestigious companies operating in Peru.

Our Values

We take care of the good image that our clients have of our work, which is based on the rectitude and transparency of all our actions.
We are careful with the handling of the information entrusted to us, because maintaining absolute confidentiality is the principle and the practice that rules our actions.
Our trajectory is based on knowledge, experience, constant updating and actions of values and ethical principles.
Responsibility and confidence
We are committed with responsibility and empathy to give the best solutions to the needs of our clients and exceed expectations.

Ladersam offers

  • Integrated consultancy and auditing services, with an innovative business model.
  • High quality and efficiency standards, with an excellent professional team and modern technological support.
  • A company with an impeccable reputation based in more than twenty-one years dedicated to the business market.
  • Support from BKR international and the satisfaction of national and global clients.

Ladersam guarantees

  • Mitigate risks and contingencies during business management.
  • Make business profitable and generate growth prospects.
  • Improve the administration and finances of the company through good professional practices and ethical principles.