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Who we are?

We are a Consultancy and Auditing firm of renowned prestige, with more than 21 years of experience providing services to global and local companies.

How We Help Our Clients

All operations have a tax impact, identify their effects and manage them will avoid any contingencies and will serve as a financial and tax planning instrument.
To conduct operations with related companies or those residing in tax heavens requires to prove and support to SUNAT with documentation the nature of full competition of transactions.
Review of financial statements to give an experienced opinion about their reasonability applying standards, so their users can make the best decisions.
We are experts in accounting management and we use techonology in current globalization  context,you must focus to innovate and direct your resources into the core of your business.
IFRS application improve your accounting quality, giving standard data and mitigating potencial mistakes as result of use of world level standars.
Manage your risks and regulatory compliance, we advice you on the implementation of policies, good practices and training. Avoiding contingencies of internal fraud or punishments.
Experts on HR integral management, redirect your resources asigned to this task and focus your best efforts to add value to the management of your company´s human resources.
We provide expert legal support to help with your daily activities, as well as with your business management events tailored to your company’s business model.

Independent Member of BKR

We are a part of the BKR International network, a global leading association of independent advice and business firms located in the top 10 of the associations’ ranking. It represents the combined force of more than 160 independent auditing and consultancy firms in more than 500 offices and 80 countries all across the globe.

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With #COVID-19 the economy of Peru and world has contracted, jeopardizing the sustainability of many companies and employment. Companies that recover from this crisis will be those that invest in strategic, economic, financial and operational resilience.
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