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    To conduct operations with related companies or those residing in tax heavens requires to prove and support to SUNAT with documentation the nature of full competition of transactions.


    Country by Country, Master and Local Reports.
    Prevention of possible controversies due to interrelated transactions (APAs).
    Assistance in tax inspections.
    Tax model for multinational exploitation and its global tax objectives.
    Benchmarking and comparability analysis.
    Prospective and cost-benefit analysis of corporate policies for tax and/or business purposes.
    Tax analysis of policies and new business models.
    M&A consulting.


    Appropriate compliance with rules on Transfer Pricing and BEPS.
    Market value purchase and sale between related companies and/or from, to or through non-cooperating or low or nil taxation countries or territories.
    Prospective planning of operations between related companies.
    Advice on audit processes by Tax Administration.


    Market value adjustments with no fiscal cost, without being subject to risks or tax contingencies.
    Implementation of internal policies for intra-group transactions and Benefit Test.


    Senior Transfer Pricing Officer

    Economist and Master in Corporate Finance with more than 5 years of experience in the analysis and elaboration of Transfer Pricing, as well as company valuation, risk analysis and financial instruments.

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